How to Fix Your Car All By Yourself

Nothing is more rewarding than doing things yourself. Now, how about fixing your own car? Sounds like a tough job, but it’s not really that hard. Just follow these advices and you’ll get by.

  1. ┬áDon’t do the lifting unless you are Superman. Use Jack and Jack stands. But hey, you don’t get as big of a gut when you get older from being lazy.
  2. You don’t like your hands getting dirty. I don’t like it either, so use some safe grip gloves all the time and you don’t have to worry about cuts or getting oil on those smooth hands.
  3. You think you are not strong enough to work on cars. Well, I use air tools all the time. You might be surprised how inexpensive air compressors and power tools are these days. It’s not like you are only going to use these tools on your car, you can use them to fix things in your house too!
  4. Cars are all complex and computerized these days. Fight fire with fire. There are plenty of scan computers out there that do all kinds of analytics to modern cars. Just plug it in the data port and it will tell you what is going on with your car. You can even record live data. Take the vehicle for a drive, when a problem occurs, the scanner records it and you can play it back and look at the data.

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As the saying goes: If you want a job done right, why not do it all by yourself. Good Luck!

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