How to Fix an Overheating Car

If your car constantly overheats, then today is your lucky day. We will show you how to fix a car that overheats. Many things can cause the car to overheat, so start with the basics:

  1. Check the radiator fluid. When it’s cold, take the radiator cap and look inside. The next thing to do is to pressure check the system for leaks. There are cheap and easy to use pressure leak kits to determine if your radiator has holes or not. Sometimes, you just have to check if your radiator cap is old and rusty. If it so, then replace that too.
  2. Check the cooling fans. Start the car up and then turn the Air-condition to full blast. Then check to see if the cooling fans are turning. If both fans are working fine, proceed with checking your thermostat.


If you have tried both steps and still your car overheats. Then, you probably have one of two expensive problems:

  1. Either the radiator itself is just so old it cannot dissipate heat anymore. Modern radiators are made of plastic and aluminum often corrode inside and cause it not to dissipate heat anymore.
  2. Or the head gasket in the engine is starting to blow. Before you turn your engine down it’s good to idea to do a Combustion Leak Test on it. It’s a simple test where blue liquid is put into a tube and then letting the engine run to see if the blue liquid turns into yellow. If it does, you have a head gasket leak.

So the next time you car starts overheating, don’t get mad. Get into the hood and fix it!

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