Featured Dealer of the Month – HP Car Trade Center

With the fast paced life and the growth of the FORWARDING BUSINESS, HP CAR TRADE CENTER came into reality to provide the market with LOCAL QUALITY VEHICLES and attend to all kinds of vehicle repair that clients need. HP Car Trade Center accepts Debit & Credit Card Payment.

“Making your traffic life smooth and carefree.” — HP CAR TRADE CENTER 

Featured Dealer


Left to right: Bong Parel (Proprietor of HP Car Trade Center) and Kotsekoto.ph Team (Tisha, Chris, and Erwin)

When did you start used car dealership and what inspired you to pursue such business?

Bong Parel:  I was with my family (Mom & Dad) in a forwarding business, and it was good enough—a  success, I consider exploring another line and since I love cars, and I’m very well familiar with used cars. About January of 2008 I believe it was when HP Car Trading started.

How do you market your used cars?

Bong Parel: Way back in 2008, I was one of the pioneers in used car dealership, we were only 3 who had the business along with Steph V,…..and others and the Internet really helps. Even if the car display was in my house in Barangay Busay, which is very far from the city still people managed to come over. I never rely too much with referrals because there are many Filipinos abroad who will buy used-cars through the internet. They mostly want to have a car for their family when they get home.

Who are your usual buyers?

Bong Parel: Filipinos who work abroad are generally my buyers. I’m doing really well in the international market through the internet. Some would just wire their payment and will have the car ready when they get home. By 2010, I moved the display center here in V. Rama. So it would be more convenient for my customers (family members of OFW’s) to come see the car or do the payment here.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of buying used cars?

Bong Parel: First of all, it is CHEAPER! Though the market value of a new car has lesser down payment which is 10% and the used car is 30% but after two or three years you can always sell this used-car and it still has a good value in the market. A new car depreciates as well after 2 or 3 years but compared to the used-car you bought, the money you spent on a new car is way too much.

HP Car Trade Center

When buying a used car, what are the top 5 things that a buyer should consider?

1. Budget wise, buying a used car is easy on the pocket. It doesn’t hurt much.

2. Many are still looking for “old-school” cars. The more vintage the car, the cooler it looks. Especially men who have had the stories and experiences passed on from their dads and uncles about the kind of cars they have driven, the brand, the engine, mechanical aspects, etc…So, the newer the car, the more they still are not familiar to that. Especially vintage have gasoline engine. And for me, gasoline runs better than diesel.

3. There are many used cars in the market that are still good as brand new. Cars are evolving; many are fast changing their cars to newer models. So, they are selling old ones. I could attest to that based on my experience in this industry and that is one of the reasons why there are many used car dealers now here in Cebu. The competition is getting fierce.

4. For first time users, it is reasonable to buy a used car. Not only is it economical but you’re saving a lot of money before you try on a brand new.

5. There are so many used cars to choose from. And it is an easier deal. Papers and registration are complete. Especially when you have cash, it is faster to have a used car than a brand new. (giggles and winks)

What is it with Kotsekoto.ph that made you decide to place your ads on its site?

Bong Parel: When Chris informed me that your IT service is from Japan, what comes to my mind is Filipinos who are working in Japan that may connect with me. I took advantage of the FREE Trial to see if it works. However, there are many online used car sites right now, some are scams (sighs!) Things on the internet are not the way as it used to. Before, my phones are never off. But now, since there are so much on the internet, I don’t know where I am and how this will go. It seems I want more what the internet can do or if there is such a way that I am not well aware of. Maybe it doesn’t exist yet. But hopefully there should be something (other than the internet) that I need to do to market this kind of business.

Do you have any New Year promos for those who are interested to buy used vehicles?

Bong Parel: (Chuckles) No, used-cars are way too cheap to be discounted or if I should have special offers, like what I did before when my customers would ask how cold the air conditioning is in the car. To, stop their doubts I gave them free jackets. (Laughter) And I really did. Yes, because business was so progressive before.


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