Dumb Things Not To Do To Your Car

A good looking car is definitely what we are trying to have, but what does that benefit us if the performance is not that good? Well, poor performance is probably caused mostly by what the driver or owner does to the car. We are going to talk about some of the dumb things owners do to their cars so that you won’t do them to your own car.

  1. Never jumpstart your car backwards. If you look at any car battery, the terminals have signs on them. The other says positive and the other has the negative sign. So make sure you hook up your cables to the right terminals, because if you hook them up backwards, you are in for some serious electrical problems.
  2. Don’t start your car when you are running out of gas. If you keep cranking the engine with the car out of gas, the fuel pump will suck air and burn itself out. That’s because most modern cars have their fuel pumps inside the gas tank. So the next time your gas gauge is stuck on empty, put some gas on it first before starting your car.
  3. Not changing your engine oil frequently. Change the oil every 3,000 or 4,000 miles. Most modern cars have variable valve timing engines, which means there are smaller holes for the engine oil to go through, and if those get clogged and get ruined, it will cost thousands of pesos to fix.
  4. Not changing the coolant in your car. Coolant wears out overtime and should be changed out. If you have conventional anti-freeze, then you change it once every 3 years. The reason is because modern engines have a lot of aluminium parts and corrodes very badly if the anti-corrosion parts of the anti-freeze coolant breakdown.

used carSo now you know the dumb things people do to their cars. Learn from their mistakes, avoid doing these, and keep your car running smoothly down the road.

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