Buying A Car Is Easy Now With Carbay Philippines

The auto sector is a booming segment which targets the global economy in a manner which decides the future perspective of the people. An extensive crowd is willing to get into the enthusiastic and safe commute, and Philippines has been no far behind this belief. This country is a house of islands and that too more than 7k in numbers. With such scenario, the auto industry demand something to fight against floods and quakes. With and estimated domestic product for 2014 as $ 289.686 billion, Philippines holds a great economy with 39th position in the global ranking. The big thing is the passion for the vehicles here has not dropped to an inch despite some bad seasons and reasons.

The Girnarsoft, One of the famous IT giant from India has opened up its wings wide for their automotive portal CarBay in Philippines. The process of study and market awareness has been carried out in the typical Girnar fashion to produce a fruitful outcome. With very neat UI it covers entire Philippines auto market.

carbay PH is content rich portal, consisting 200 Specs of more than 1500+ new cars available in each segment of the market. Carbay has given a chance for viewers to check out their favorite cars in quite an interesting manner. The expert reviews and extensive specification list will let them compare their cherished pick with the other market partners, and that too in a fascinating way. Carbay aims at helping users choose the right car for them. A user can compare up to 4 cars at time.

carbay philippines


Carbay has been so prominent in different portals covering other ASEAN countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam where the response has been recorded in masses. The Carbay Philippines has made it easier to explore the machines. Covering various stories, from daily news to scams and scandals, we have followed each and every bits and bytes of four wheel world. Not only this, a lot of feature stories have also been published to make people aware about the current trends in the market. Along with this, we have also gone through the mechanicals and functioning to grab some advisory stories which will definitely help you in clarifying doubts and attains knowledge.

The is a renowned portal from GirnarSoft in the auto industry which holds a vital position in India. Girnarsoft has been supported by Hillhouse Capital and Tybourne Capital based in HongKong, China and Sequoia Capital which is known globally. With continuous growth and wide scope of approach, we’ll be diving soon into the world of two wheels where the knowledge will be expanded at a whole new level.

Also as world is moving towards mobile apps CarBay has launched its android app for new car buyers. Buyers can research car through android app which can be downloaded from Google Play.  For apple users there will be an app in app store very soon from CarBay.

Filipinos now can research their dream car through this app. It will first car research app in country. Indian version of app CarDekho has more that 1.5 million downloads and have been featured many times on apple store and play store in featured app.

Futuristic Japanese Car: Nissan Pivo

Step inside the PIVO, and you’ll be greeted by your own robotic companion! A friendly co-pilot who is intelligent and helpful. PIVO is the creation of Masato Inoue and his colleagues at Nissan, who have decided that the future is not only about supercars but friendly robotic cars as well. The creator quotes: “We are trying to create a really new relationship between human being and the car, this is definitely the car of the future.”

The robotic assistant has two cameras in his eyes like a human being and can track and analyze your every facial expression. That means it knows your every moods! It can even detect if you are drowsy or sleepy and will direct you to the nearest coffee shop – Now, that is such a sweet and thoughtful car.

Pivo’s smarts don’t stop with the on board robot; the car’s overall design is ingenious as well. It has large doors for easy to the cabin and large windscreens and windows for high visibility. And in case there are any lingering blind spots, cameras mounted all around the body bring you complete 360 degree vision.

But wait! There’s more! Pivo does not just see in every direction, it rotates in every direction! This feat will change driving as we know it. It has a 360 degree rotating cabin resting on its four-wheel chassis. This car also solves one of the biggest problems of the driver’s Parallel parking. Parallel parking will never be a problem again due to the mobility of this car. With its huge windows and multiple cameras, Pivo is all about visibility and transparency. A car that keeps you connected to the outside world.

Top 3 Advantages of Using the Online Classifieds

The evolution of the online classified sites in our generation has grown so fast along with technological advancements.  When you are reading this right now, using your computer, pad, or your tech savvy smart/ android phones, then you are part of the internet revolution.

May it be reading a news or feature article from your gadgets to browsing and scanning different online classified websites just to look for the goods and services you wanted, form here we can say that you have just experienced one of the many advantages of using the online classifieds.  Look into these Top 3 Advantages and see for yourself if you agree with us.

Advantage # 1: Saves Time and Money

Remember that time is money; this goes well to both the advertiser and the customer. There is no need for the advertiser to spend millions just to advertise the product, through an online classified, it’s hassle free and it cost less, sometimes, you can even advertise your product for free. The customer can also save more time by just a single browse rather than buying the daily newspaper, or waiting for a certain Ad to be flashed on their TV screen, or aired on the radio.

Advantage # 2: Wide Reach and Easy Access

With the global nature of the internet, it gives both the advertiser and the customer an easy access to the online classified advertisement. For the advertiser, there is no limit as to how it would work on its marketing strategies online. More information about the product can be written and easy feedback mechanism can be applied in an online classified. It would allow the advertiser to know what their target market wants. The customers, on the other hand, can have easy access to different information and compare the prices of the product that they want to purchase.

Advantage # 3: Easy Contact

Most of the online classified sites enlist the contact information like the email address and telephone numbers of the advertisers to allow the customers to contact these advertising companies directly. It is easier for customers to send an inquiry and get a feedback by just clicking through their gadgets.

Is the Surplus and Second Hand Buy and Sell Business Profitable?

In the Philippines, where the advancement of technology already made a lot of markets more competitive, including the buy and sell businesses of surplus and second hand products in the online market.

A lot of the internet savvy or commonly called the “netizens” in the country are into the new trend of online selling and online buying. Whether you choose to sell your used clothes, bags, shoes, and other stuff from your closet that are still worth selling or you would sell your old gadgets to upgrade it to a new one. Everything can happen at a buy and sell business. These types of businesses are already known by the majority of the public.


Consumers nowadays tend to look for surplus and second hand products because of the price difference. Practical buyers go for these surplus products because it gives them a chance to save. In a buy and sell business, a consumer can also find a lot of information about the prices for the goods and services that they want. They can compare the price and decide which fits their wants and needs.

Say for example the surplus and second hand cars sold and bought from an online buy and sell business. In our country, the Japanese used vehicles are the ones that are largely exported. These used cars are easily sold in the Philippine market because it cost less and it is in good condition. It is a win-win situation for the customers.

So, despite a higher cost of transporting these surplus vehicles in our country, the sales of second hand cars and other surplus vehicles is still very profitable because a lot of the Filipino buyers chose to buy them.

New Material that Makes Things “Invisible” to Touch

German scientists have invented a new material that can conceal any object known to man! The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany have created a polymer that would perfectly adapt to anything that is placed underneath it which means it makes the object invisible to touch.

See figure below:


According to the scientists, this “crystalline material structured with sub-micrometer accuracy… consists of needle-shaped cones, whose tips meet.” This makes it absorb the shape of the object underneath it, as seen on the image. What makes it more amazing is that this new material will make force feedback measurement instruments fail. The material was developed for purely experimental purposes only as claimed by the scientists.

Well, it does not yet make a thing visually “invisible”, which might be a good thing for now. Imagine the possibilities of this new invention! People can now create one of the things that have been their childhood dream – the invisibility cloak!

Wait – we have to understand that this invention still needs more research and experimentation, and that it is limited to concealing an object to the sense of touch. One of the applications of this invention would probably be camping mattresses. Just imagine how uncomfortable your outdoor camping would be if you had to sleep on the ground with grass, tiny twigs, and what-not underneath your camping blanket; worry no more, with this new material, you can now savour the moments of your outdoor camping and stargazing while lying on your comfortable outdoor blanket.