What’s DAP Everyjuan?

Are you a concerned juan? If you’re in the Philippines, you probably heard of the current issue on DAP or the Disbursement Acceleration Program.

This said program under the Administration of President “Noynoy” Aquino was designed for the purpose of fast-tracking the public spending to further push the growth of the Philippine economy. The President approved DAP last October 12, 2011 to be able to cover the high-impact budgetary projects and different programs of the government. This will be augmented from the savings that will be generated during a particular year and other additional revenue sources.

The President in a national address aired on television last July 14, 2014 (Monday) said that DAP is good. He supported it by saying, “Our intentions, our processes, and the results were correct.” He further announced that the government will be filing a motion for reconsideration because the Supreme Court of the Philippines released a unanimous decision that there were certain parts of the Disbursement Acceleration Program seen unconstitutional.

Despite the SC’s unanimous decision and the clamor of the Filipino people to scrap DAP and let the President of the Philippines step down, the President was firm as he continues to push for the people to fully examine the law.DAP

He addressed a part of his message to the Supreme Court, the President said as quoted, “Do not bar us from doing what we swore to do. Shouldn’t you be siding with us in pushing for reform? Let us, therefore, end this vicious cycle that has taken our people hostage.”

The President strongly argued that his government never stole any public funds because DAP is not like the Priority Development Assistance Fund or controversially known as the PDAF.