Buying A Car Is Easy Now With Carbay Philippines

The auto sector is a booming segment which targets the global economy in a manner which decides the future perspective of the people. An extensive crowd is willing to get into the enthusiastic and safe commute, and Philippines has been no far behind this belief. This country is a house of islands and that too more than 7k in numbers. With such scenario, the auto industry demand something to fight against floods and quakes. With and estimated domestic product for 2014 as $ 289.686 billion, Philippines holds a great economy with 39th position in the global ranking. The big thing is the passion for the vehicles here has not dropped to an inch despite some bad seasons and reasons.

The Girnarsoft, One of the famous IT giant from India has opened up its wings wide for their automotive portal CarBay in Philippines. The process of study and market awareness has been carried out in the typical Girnar fashion to produce a fruitful outcome. With very neat UI it covers entire Philippines auto market.

carbay PH is content rich portal, consisting 200 Specs of more than 1500+ new cars available in each segment of the market. Carbay has given a chance for viewers to check out their favorite cars in quite an interesting manner. The expert reviews and extensive specification list will let them compare their cherished pick with the other market partners, and that too in a fascinating way. Carbay aims at helping users choose the right car for them. A user can compare up to 4 cars at time.

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Carbay has been so prominent in different portals covering other ASEAN countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam where the response has been recorded in masses. The Carbay Philippines has made it easier to explore the machines. Covering various stories, from daily news to scams and scandals, we have followed each and every bits and bytes of four wheel world. Not only this, a lot of feature stories have also been published to make people aware about the current trends in the market. Along with this, we have also gone through the mechanicals and functioning to grab some advisory stories which will definitely help you in clarifying doubts and attains knowledge.

The is a renowned portal from GirnarSoft in the auto industry which holds a vital position in India. Girnarsoft has been supported by Hillhouse Capital and Tybourne Capital based in HongKong, China and Sequoia Capital which is known globally. With continuous growth and wide scope of approach, we’ll be diving soon into the world of two wheels where the knowledge will be expanded at a whole new level.

Also as world is moving towards mobile apps CarBay has launched its android app for new car buyers. Buyers can research car through android app which can be downloaded from Google Play.  For apple users there will be an app in app store very soon from CarBay.

Filipinos now can research their dream car through this app. It will first car research app in country. Indian version of app CarDekho has more that 1.5 million downloads and have been featured many times on apple store and play store in featured app.

Featured Dealer of the Month – HP Car Trade Center

With the fast paced life and the growth of the FORWARDING BUSINESS, HP CAR TRADE CENTER came into reality to provide the market with LOCAL QUALITY VEHICLES and attend to all kinds of vehicle repair that clients need. HP Car Trade Center accepts Debit & Credit Card Payment.

“Making your traffic life smooth and carefree.” — HP CAR TRADE CENTER 

Featured Dealer


Left to right: Bong Parel (Proprietor of HP Car Trade Center) and Team (Tisha, Chris, and Erwin)

When did you start used car dealership and what inspired you to pursue such business?

Bong Parel:  I was with my family (Mom & Dad) in a forwarding business, and it was good enough—a  success, I consider exploring another line and since I love cars, and I’m very well familiar with used cars. About January of 2008 I believe it was when HP Car Trading started.

How do you market your used cars?

Bong Parel: Way back in 2008, I was one of the pioneers in used car dealership, we were only 3 who had the business along with Steph V,…..and others and the Internet really helps. Even if the car display was in my house in Barangay Busay, which is very far from the city still people managed to come over. I never rely too much with referrals because there are many Filipinos abroad who will buy used-cars through the internet. They mostly want to have a car for their family when they get home.

Who are your usual buyers?

Bong Parel: Filipinos who work abroad are generally my buyers. I’m doing really well in the international market through the internet. Some would just wire their payment and will have the car ready when they get home. By 2010, I moved the display center here in V. Rama. So it would be more convenient for my customers (family members of OFW’s) to come see the car or do the payment here.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of buying used cars?

Bong Parel: First of all, it is CHEAPER! Though the market value of a new car has lesser down payment which is 10% and the used car is 30% but after two or three years you can always sell this used-car and it still has a good value in the market. A new car depreciates as well after 2 or 3 years but compared to the used-car you bought, the money you spent on a new car is way too much.

HP Car Trade Center

When buying a used car, what are the top 5 things that a buyer should consider?

1. Budget wise, buying a used car is easy on the pocket. It doesn’t hurt much.

2. Many are still looking for “old-school” cars. The more vintage the car, the cooler it looks. Especially men who have had the stories and experiences passed on from their dads and uncles about the kind of cars they have driven, the brand, the engine, mechanical aspects, etc…So, the newer the car, the more they still are not familiar to that. Especially vintage have gasoline engine. And for me, gasoline runs better than diesel.

3. There are many used cars in the market that are still good as brand new. Cars are evolving; many are fast changing their cars to newer models. So, they are selling old ones. I could attest to that based on my experience in this industry and that is one of the reasons why there are many used car dealers now here in Cebu. The competition is getting fierce.

4. For first time users, it is reasonable to buy a used car. Not only is it economical but you’re saving a lot of money before you try on a brand new.

5. There are so many used cars to choose from. And it is an easier deal. Papers and registration are complete. Especially when you have cash, it is faster to have a used car than a brand new. (giggles and winks)

What is it with that made you decide to place your ads on its site?

Bong Parel: When Chris informed me that your IT service is from Japan, what comes to my mind is Filipinos who are working in Japan that may connect with me. I took advantage of the FREE Trial to see if it works. However, there are many online used car sites right now, some are scams (sighs!) Things on the internet are not the way as it used to. Before, my phones are never off. But now, since there are so much on the internet, I don’t know where I am and how this will go. It seems I want more what the internet can do or if there is such a way that I am not well aware of. Maybe it doesn’t exist yet. But hopefully there should be something (other than the internet) that I need to do to market this kind of business.

Do you have any New Year promos for those who are interested to buy used vehicles?

Bong Parel: (Chuckles) No, used-cars are way too cheap to be discounted or if I should have special offers, like what I did before when my customers would ask how cold the air conditioning is in the car. To, stop their doubts I gave them free jackets. (Laughter) And I really did. Yes, because business was so progressive before.


How to Fix an Overheating Car

If your car constantly overheats, then today is your lucky day. We will show you how to fix a car that overheats. Many things can cause the car to overheat, so start with the basics:

  1. Check the radiator fluid. When it’s cold, take the radiator cap and look inside. The next thing to do is to pressure check the system for leaks. There are cheap and easy to use pressure leak kits to determine if your radiator has holes or not. Sometimes, you just have to check if your radiator cap is old and rusty. If it so, then replace that too.
  2. Check the cooling fans. Start the car up and then turn the Air-condition to full blast. Then check to see if the cooling fans are turning. If both fans are working fine, proceed with checking your thermostat.


If you have tried both steps and still your car overheats. Then, you probably have one of two expensive problems:

  1. Either the radiator itself is just so old it cannot dissipate heat anymore. Modern radiators are made of plastic and aluminum often corrode inside and cause it not to dissipate heat anymore.
  2. Or the head gasket in the engine is starting to blow. Before you turn your engine down it’s good to idea to do a Combustion Leak Test on it. It’s a simple test where blue liquid is put into a tube and then letting the engine run to see if the blue liquid turns into yellow. If it does, you have a head gasket leak.

So the next time you car starts overheating, don’t get mad. Get into the hood and fix it!

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Tis’ the Season to Buy a New Car

It is the time of the year again where almost everyone who has worked so hard in 2014 will receive a bonus from their various employers. If you are one of them, well it’s the right time for you to invest your Christmas bonus and buy a car for you to enjoy and utilize.

Well, we know that not all of the hard working employees get to receive their bonus, but if you are one of the lucky employees, what would you do with it? Now is indeed the best time to invest your money on the things that matter the most to you, and it is also good to reward yourself once in a while, because you also deserve it.

Nowadays, there are a lot of good deals when you plan to invest your hard earned bonus to buy a car. It doesn’t need to be a new one. You can always score a quality used car online. Try to search for marked down surplus cars on various websites and get a good deal from the car dealer. Now is the best time to negotiate the price of your car. You get the chance to receive more discounts while purchasing a car with a good condition.

Remember, you wouldn’t want to spend your bonus on the stuff that would easily depreciate. A car is one of the many good investments that you will make at this time of the month, where everything is at its lowest price. Go online and browse for your dream car. Talk to your dealer and before the year would end, you just made the right decision in driving home a new car. Trust me; it’s the best gift you can give yourself this Christmas.

What To Do If Your Car Won’t Start

Perhaps nothing is more annoying than a car that won’t start when you turn the key. Today, we will give you tips on what to do whenever this happens. You must follow the order and not jump from one to another. Here it goes:

  1. Pull out your jumper cable. By the way, get a good pair of jumper cables. Don’t just go for cheap ones because they might just melt when you use them.
  2. Now, open the hood and find the battery. Then, first connect the red cable to the positive terminal of the battery and connect the other end of the red jumper cable and connect it to the positive terminal of your donor battery.
  3. Next is to connect the black jumper cable to the negative terminal of your donor battery. Now comes the tricky part, you don’t want to put the negative terminal of your jumper cable to your battery because it could cause an explosion! You have to put it on a solid metal part of the engine like the hook for pulling the engine.
  4. Be patient. Wait about five minutes for the donor battery to charge up your car battery. When all that is done, crank it up! If it starts, then you did a good job and the steps end from here.

Let’s say it didn’t start.  So please don’t be shy to read on. Here’s what to check next:

  1. Find yourself a big stick. An old broom handle would be perfect. Stop asking why, just do it.
  2. Find the starter. The starter motors are always between the engine and the transmission where they bolt together. So it’s either in the front or in the back of the engine.
  3. Use that stick to whack the starter a few times. If that doesn’t work. Have one person to crank the key while you whack the starter simultaneously. That should do the trick.

Remember, don’t turn off the engine until you reach your final destination. The last thing you would want to do is redo the steps again from the beginning. Oh, and if your car still didn’t start, here’s a last tip:

  1. Check your gas gauge. If it is completely empty and the meter is obviously below the empty line, don’t forcibly start the car. The reason is because most modern cars have their fuel pumps inside the gas tank. So if you run out of gas, the pumps will suck in air and burn themselves out. So make sure you put some gas in the tank before starting the car.

How to be a Good Driver for Starters

We have always talked about how to buy or sell a used car, how to maintain a used car, and anything under the sun about cars; but what does it profit a man if he has a lot of nice cars, but does not know how to drive or manage his cars well? Worry no more because here are  5 tips for new drivers out there.

  1. On the gas gauge there is a little arrow that points to the hole for the gas tank is. This is useful if you are using multiple cars and always forgets where the gas tank is located.
  2. To what side do we turn our steering wheel when backing up? People tend to believe that if you want to back up to the right, you to have turn the wheel to the left since we are backing up. It’s very simple. You always turn the steering wheel to the side where you want to go, no matter if you are backing up or moving forward.
  3. Exiting a 90 degree parking in reverse. Always remember not to turn the steering wheel right away, make sure you back up as much as you can before turning the steering wheel to avoid collision on both sides.
  4. Going from a stopped position on a very steep hill. When you let go of the breaks, the car will have a tendency to back up. If you have a car with automatic transmission, hold the break with your left foot and accelerate while letting go of the break. For manual transmission cars, hold the hand break and lower it while letting go of the clutch and accelerating a bit.
  5. When you try to start the engine and the ignition key won’t turn, it’s because the steering wheel is also blocked. Move the steering wheel to the left and right while turning the key at the same time.

There are a lot more tips out there. You’ll never know, we might give them to you soon. So remember these tips and don’t forget to check back for any further tips we might give in the future!

A Useful Guide for Future Car Owners

If you are into collecting cars or is just way too excited to buy your first one, you have to know how to choose your car. In the Philippines, wherein most of the car brands are selling like pancakes, there are still a bunch of tips a buyer must know about cars.

If it’s your first time to do your research about cars, do consider these guidelines for you to be able to appreciate the benefits of owning a car and discover a lot more about cars.

First, try to identify which car brand you want to purchase. There are a lot of famous brands out in the market, you have Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Kia to name a few. These are only some of the car brands chosen by majority of the car buyers in the Philippines.

Second, do a thorough research about your chosen brand. Given that you have an access to the internet already, look for various car reviews online about the brand of car you have chosen. These reviews coming from car owners who have the experience in using the car, can help you determine if it is indeed the car that is best for you. You can also opt to visit different websites, like, that features your chosen car filters

Lastly, seeing the car and knowing more about it from the manufacturer will encourage you more and will give you a closer look at the car and its parts. In the Philippines, there are a lot of auto car shows which features and displays famous car brands in various malls or other locations. Try to look for the nearest car shows and schedules in your area.

How to Maintain Your Car’s Air-conditioning

Summer is over but that doesn’t make the weather any better here in the Philippines, because we only have two types of weather – Hot or Very Hot. Now, who would like to sit in their car and get sweaty because of their air-condition getting weak; or worse, not having any air-conditioning system at all. These tips will make your air-conditioning system last longer and save you more money.

  1. Turn the AC off 2 minutes before you reach your destination. Switch to “outside air in” mode. Then, turn the fan up. Leave it for 2-3 minutes. What happens here is that all the cold air or condensation will get expelled and will help preserve your AC unit.
  2. Clean the cabin air filter. That’s right; every AC unit has a filter. It’s located underneath the glove box. Lower your glove box and you will see your passenger compartment filter. Take that out and clean it. It doesn’t make your AC unit cooler but it helps in keeping the quality of the air since it filters debris and dust that comes off from outside of your car.
  3. Check your radiator coolant and replace it from time to time. It may sound weird but the radiator and the condenser of your AC unit works together. So a cooler radiator makes a better AC unit.
  4. Check if your carpet is getting wet. This means that you may have an evaporator stoppage going on. The evaporator removes the moisture and heat from inside the car and sends it outside the car. If so, have your AC unit checked by a mechanic.

These tips will help you save lots of money in the long run. Now, make it a habit to do these and keep your AC unit cool and always ready for that scorching weather.

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Benefits of Owning a Car

used carIn the society we are living today, where everything seems to expand and develop in a fast phase, it is indeed a necessity to drive our own car. If you are a regular commuter, you are already immune to the problems most of the commuters face on a daily basis. If commuting brings so much hassle in your daily schedule, well I guess it is time for you to drive your own vehicle.

If you worry about how costly it is to find one, worry not, for you can choose to buy surplus cars, which are also in a very good condition. If you do not have enough money, this is also not a problem because nowadays, there are a lot of auto financing and car loans available for those who are eager to drive their first car.

Most of the car owners know the benefits of having a car. For those who are still planning to have one, here are a few of the many benefits of driving your own car.

Benefit # 1: You can go anywhere. Yes! You heard that right, when you have a vehicle, you can travel to a lot of destinations without worrying about a thing. Since you own the wheels, you can decide on where to bring it. There is no need to take your friend’s car or ride on a bus, when you are planning to go on a road trip.

Benefit #2: You own your time. You don’t have to be in a hurry to catch the last schedule of the train, the bus, or wait for a cab to bring you home.  You have the luxury of time because you wouldn’t worry about where to ride and what to ride. When you own a car, you own your time.

Benefit #3: You can be independent. Everyone wants to be independent. One sign of being an independent person is having a vehicle, because this equates to owning a responsibility. Having your own vehicle will make you more responsible, and taking in a responsibility is independence.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and drive your first car!

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Futuristic Japanese Car: Nissan Pivo

Step inside the PIVO, and you’ll be greeted by your own robotic companion! A friendly co-pilot who is intelligent and helpful. PIVO is the creation of Masato Inoue and his colleagues at Nissan, who have decided that the future is not only about supercars but friendly robotic cars as well. The creator quotes: “We are trying to create a really new relationship between human being and the car, this is definitely the car of the future.”

The robotic assistant has two cameras in his eyes like a human being and can track and analyze your every facial expression. That means it knows your every moods! It can even detect if you are drowsy or sleepy and will direct you to the nearest coffee shop – Now, that is such a sweet and thoughtful car.

Pivo’s smarts don’t stop with the on board robot; the car’s overall design is ingenious as well. It has large doors for easy to the cabin and large windscreens and windows for high visibility. And in case there are any lingering blind spots, cameras mounted all around the body bring you complete 360 degree vision.

But wait! There’s more! Pivo does not just see in every direction, it rotates in every direction! This feat will change driving as we know it. It has a 360 degree rotating cabin resting on its four-wheel chassis. This car also solves one of the biggest problems of the driver’s Parallel parking. Parallel parking will never be a problem again due to the mobility of this car. With its huge windows and multiple cameras, Pivo is all about visibility and transparency. A car that keeps you connected to the outside world.