You and Your Car Color

used carsNothing screams personality louder than the color of you’re clothes, your nails, your hair, your bags, or even your shoes. The color of your car is no different. Personality is best expressed in things that people will see and colors – mixed, matched, muted, or whatnot – believe it or not, is one of the best ways to strike an impression.

So what does the color of your car say about you?

Color preferences in cars vary greatly from one person to another and several factors play a role. Someone outgoing may go for something flashy but things like jobs, family, and availability of colors play a role too. A person who is bent on getting a black car may opt to settle with gunmetal gray if the former is not available. Likewise, someone who goes on frequent long journeys to the province may go for a darker-colored car as opposed to a light-colored one because the possibility of passing through potholes and muddy terrains is inevitable and the maintenance of keeping a light-colored car clean is considerably significant.

A Bankrate article, in talking about what the color of a car says about its owner, says that white vehicles present a fresh, young, modern face to the outside world and that’s why some contemporary brands, such as Apple, go for such color. Sophisticated black is most associated with luxury while gleaming silver screams of innovation and class. Nondescript gray projects maturity and tradition while blue exudes stability. Red, as expected, is the head turner of the group, and more often than not, attracts the look-at-me type of people who oozes power and masculinity, confidence and fun.

As like every rule, there’s always an exception and there being no end to human quirkiness, a car’s color is no different. A car’s color may say something about it’s owner for one reason or another but when it comes right down to it, nothing beats knowing a person for who he truly is and not for the kind of car that he has or the color of the car that he drives. To each his own and that couldn’t be any truer than in choosing the color of one’s car.


Cars for Newbie Drivers

Practicality has always been the name of the game and choosing a car for a newbie driver is no different. Although people have this tendency to think that only brand new cars are ideal, such is not always the case. When you’re a beginner driver, what you must have foremost in mind is safety, not just for yourself but also for the pedestrians who will unavoidably be sharing the road with you.

used cars cebu

However, the kind of car that you will be driving in your first foray into being a responsible driver must also be given careful thought. A brand new car may seem ideal but aside from the fact that you must have the budget in order to afford a new one, it really doesn’t have that much of an edge against a used or surplus car in excellent condition.


Used or surplus cars from reputable dealers are not only as good as new ones but for a fraction of the price of a brand new vehicle, it is very practical as well. Getting to places with the least worries is your main concern and a good second-hand or surplus car can do that and more. Given that it’s not as pricey as a new one, you can banish your worries about minor scrapes and scratches as these things are admittedly not as overwhelming as when denting your brand new car all because you are still “learning”.


In hindsight, a used or surplus car has the advantage of not being as expensive as it’s brand new counterparts which means less worries about all other factors other than driving safely and responsibly. But like all pre-loved items up for grabs and as a potential buyer of a used or surplus vehicle, you must also do your research, ask the right questions, and be prepared for potential repairs and maintenance costs. Practicality is the name of the game but like everything else, it has its pros and cons.

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For Sale: Pre-loved Items

Are you an online seller or have you bought pre-loved items from an online site? It’s no surprise that selling pre-loved items online has been a common trend. With just a computer or a tab, and by just creating a Facebook and Instagram account, or a personalized blog and website, you can already sell your used stuff.

social media sitesYou don’t need to put up a store just to sell your belongings. Nowadays, with the presence of e-commerce, online selling is just a piece of cake for those who are internet savvy and have the little knowledge on creative online marketing strategies. You just need to take a photo of the product that you are about to sell. You post the photo along with the details about the product, the price, and most importantly, your contact information. Everyone form your network will be informed that you are selling something. There is a huge possibility that you can easily have your items sold in minutes.

In the Philippines, the known buy and sell websites, OLX or and are just two of the many Online Shopping sites that allow the customers to buy and sell pre-loved items.

Anyone can be an online seller as long as they would establish the rules in their own page or site. It is important to have guidelines for the customers to easily check and follow. This will also impose a better transaction between the seller and the buyer.  In addition, good partnership can be established, once the credibility of the online seller is proven in every buy and sell transaction.


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Top 3 Advantages of Using the Online Classifieds

The evolution of the online classified sites in our generation has grown so fast along with technological advancements.  When you are reading this right now, using your computer, pad, or your tech savvy smart/ android phones, then you are part of the internet revolution.

May it be reading a news or feature article from your gadgets to browsing and scanning different online classified websites just to look for the goods and services you wanted, form here we can say that you have just experienced one of the many advantages of using the online classifieds.  Look into these Top 3 Advantages and see for yourself if you agree with us.

Advantage # 1: Saves Time and Money

Remember that time is money; this goes well to both the advertiser and the customer. There is no need for the advertiser to spend millions just to advertise the product, through an online classified, it’s hassle free and it cost less, sometimes, you can even advertise your product for free. The customer can also save more time by just a single browse rather than buying the daily newspaper, or waiting for a certain Ad to be flashed on their TV screen, or aired on the radio.

Advantage # 2: Wide Reach and Easy Access

With the global nature of the internet, it gives both the advertiser and the customer an easy access to the online classified advertisement. For the advertiser, there is no limit as to how it would work on its marketing strategies online. More information about the product can be written and easy feedback mechanism can be applied in an online classified. It would allow the advertiser to know what their target market wants. The customers, on the other hand, can have easy access to different information and compare the prices of the product that they want to purchase.

Advantage # 3: Easy Contact

Most of the online classified sites enlist the contact information like the email address and telephone numbers of the advertisers to allow the customers to contact these advertising companies directly. It is easier for customers to send an inquiry and get a feedback by just clicking through their gadgets.

Is the Surplus and Second Hand Buy and Sell Business Profitable?

In the Philippines, where the advancement of technology already made a lot of markets more competitive, including the buy and sell businesses of surplus and second hand products in the online market.

A lot of the internet savvy or commonly called the “netizens” in the country are into the new trend of online selling and online buying. Whether you choose to sell your used clothes, bags, shoes, and other stuff from your closet that are still worth selling or you would sell your old gadgets to upgrade it to a new one. Everything can happen at a buy and sell business. These types of businesses are already known by the majority of the public.


Consumers nowadays tend to look for surplus and second hand products because of the price difference. Practical buyers go for these surplus products because it gives them a chance to save. In a buy and sell business, a consumer can also find a lot of information about the prices for the goods and services that they want. They can compare the price and decide which fits their wants and needs.

Say for example the surplus and second hand cars sold and bought from an online buy and sell business. In our country, the Japanese used vehicles are the ones that are largely exported. These used cars are easily sold in the Philippine market because it cost less and it is in good condition. It is a win-win situation for the customers.

So, despite a higher cost of transporting these surplus vehicles in our country, the sales of second hand cars and other surplus vehicles is still very profitable because a lot of the Filipino buyers chose to buy them.

How to Organize Your Own Car Show in the Philippines

One of the best ways to advertise your products and services are through “Fairs” and Open house events; for cars, it would be a Car Show. Your intention could be to either showcase your cars to get interested buyers or just to show-off how beautiful they are.

Now, how would you organize your own local car show? Let me give you some tips, but you have to understand that this requires three things: Planning, planning, and planning. Well, let’s start!

1. Set a Date – This is crucial since you would want the highest attendance possible in your event. The last thing you want to have is a car show with lots of cars but barely enough people attending. So set your date either in a weekend or a holiday. (It would be much better if it was a weekend following a payday)
2. Determine a Location – The location of your event should be spacious. The inflow and outflow of the cars should be smooth. It would be a plus if your location has a restroom. – Trust me.
3. Advertise – I’d say that this is the most important thing in planning your own car show. Post some flyers, talk to your local radio station, or have it posted on the newspaper. Many shops and car parts stores would love to advertise in your car show too!
4. Models – Yes, I know what you’re thinking – Girls! We have to admit that the highlight of car shows are the hot and sexy models. So get in touch with those local hotties and bring spice to your event.
So there you go! There are more tips that I can give to you, but you should add it with your own originality. Add something that is unique from the rest of the car shows that you have experienced. Last thing for me to do is wish you Good Luck!

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Auto Loans through Financing Companies

maxi-finance-financing-companies_1_88823Purchasing a car through easy credit is within anyone’s reach, through various financing companies offering a good deal, for that car you have been dying to drive.

There are financing companies in the Philippines that are accredited like, First United Leasing Inc., FTC Leasing & Finance Corp., and YL Finance to name a few. These companies are both known as a leasing and finance company that offers car or truck loans to thousands of Filipinos.

Before choosing a finance company, it is important to know more about them and the products that they offer. When you apply for an auto loan at a finance company be sure to know who your lenders are. It pays to have a good research, and after that you should consider your credit. With this, you have to take note of the interest rates and the terms and ask yourself if you wouldn’t have a hard time paying for it.

Remember that a great car loan is just as important as a great price. So, if you happen to find that great deal in the finance company that you trust the most, apply for the car loan and get approved, but first you have to complete all the requirements, remember to read and sign the paperwork and documentation to avoid any misunderstanding in the long run and to have an actual proof of your agreement with your lender. When everything’s settled with your finance company, you can go and drive your car, but before you do, always consider checking all the car parts and don’t forget to test drive.

In addition to that are three auto financing tips that you can use with your finance companies. First, never be afraid to haggle, for you to get the best interest rate that will be easier for your pocket. Second, try to pay a large amount of down payment so that there would be a smaller amount to be financed. Lastly, it always pays for you to be loyal to your finance companies; in return these companies will take good care of you.

The Car that’s selling like Hotcakes!

Do you know the famous car brand that is selling like hotcakes in the Philippines? Let me give you a preview, three years ago, this brand scored its tenth consecutive Triple Crown. It is the car brand that sold a lot of passenger cars, the most number of commercial cars, and the most number of vehicles in the country.

Need more clues? Well, two of the best-selling cars under this brand were responsible for their overall success in sales, from selling fourteen thousand, nine-hundred, seventy-nine (14, 979) units that rose to eleven thousand, eight-hundred five (11, 805) units in 2010. In addition to that, this brand outsells the famous midsize SUV from Mitsubishi by seven (7) units.

used carsLet’s move further, if you are familiar with the “Vios” and “Innova” vehicles in the Philippine car market, you already guess the brand of car we are talking about. Yes! You got that right; let’s give it up for the TOYOTA Motor Corporation!

This popular brand is from Japan. The company is famously known as a Japanese automotive manufacturer. Their headquarters is located in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in August 28, 1937.

Another interesting fact is that the TOYOTA Motor Philippines have their own assembly plant found in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Our world class Filipino workers are locally producing two of the best selling cars in the country, the Toyota Vios and Toyota Innova. These two cars are assembled in the Philippines and the best part is that it provides jobs to the Filipinos.

Where to Score the Best Deal on Surplus Cars

Ever heard of the famous tagline, “Used but not abused?”  Well, this is also applicable for the cars in the Philippines. The country is selling a lot of surplus vehicles; most of them can be seen in Freeport zones. To name a few, we have a display of car brands in Port Irene in Cagayan and also the one in Subic. Both of these Freeport zones showcase a wide variety of used vehicles.

Most of the surplus cars in the country are made in Japan. If you’re a car fanatic, you would be familiar with the line of famous Japanese surplus car brands like Honda Stream, Nissan March, and Toyota Regius to name a few.subic_gate

When you want to purchase a surplus car in the Philippines, you can have a lot of options, one is by visiting the Freeport Zones that were mentioned earlier or you could just research on the used vehicles online. Nowadays, we have helpful and useful sites like; this site is for every Juan. It is the country’s newest site for used and surplus car dealers and interested buyers.

Before you try to purchase a surplus car, make sure that you are fit enough to buy and maintain one. If you’re car enthusiasts, there’s only a need for you to be willing to take risks and negotiate well with your chosen car dealer. It is also important to communicate well with them to avoid regrets.

Additional tips before you score the best deal on used cars, make sure that the parts of the car have the equivalent parts from our local models here in the country, don’t forget about the registration papers, these documents should be clean because you never want to pay more for the taxes, and lastly, don’t forget to test drive your newly purchased surplus car for you to find out if you really scored a good deal or not.

What’s DAP Everyjuan?

Are you a concerned juan? If you’re in the Philippines, you probably heard of the current issue on DAP or the Disbursement Acceleration Program.

This said program under the Administration of President “Noynoy” Aquino was designed for the purpose of fast-tracking the public spending to further push the growth of the Philippine economy. The President approved DAP last October 12, 2011 to be able to cover the high-impact budgetary projects and different programs of the government. This will be augmented from the savings that will be generated during a particular year and other additional revenue sources.

The President in a national address aired on television last July 14, 2014 (Monday) said that DAP is good. He supported it by saying, “Our intentions, our processes, and the results were correct.” He further announced that the government will be filing a motion for reconsideration because the Supreme Court of the Philippines released a unanimous decision that there were certain parts of the Disbursement Acceleration Program seen unconstitutional.

Despite the SC’s unanimous decision and the clamor of the Filipino people to scrap DAP and let the President of the Philippines step down, the President was firm as he continues to push for the people to fully examine the law.DAP

He addressed a part of his message to the Supreme Court, the President said as quoted, “Do not bar us from doing what we swore to do. Shouldn’t you be siding with us in pushing for reform? Let us, therefore, end this vicious cycle that has taken our people hostage.”

The President strongly argued that his government never stole any public funds because DAP is not like the Priority Development Assistance Fund or controversially known as the PDAF.