Futuristic Japanese Car: Nissan Pivo

Step inside the PIVO, and you’ll be greeted by your own robotic companion! A friendly co-pilot who is intelligent and helpful. PIVO is the creation of Masato Inoue and his colleagues at Nissan, who have decided that the future is not only about supercars but friendly robotic cars as well. The creator quotes: “We are trying to create a really new relationship between human being and the car, this is definitely the car of the future.”

The robotic assistant has two cameras in his eyes like a human being and can track and analyze your every facial expression. That means it knows your every moods! It can even detect if you are drowsy or sleepy and will direct you to the nearest coffee shop – Now, that is such a sweet and thoughtful car.

Pivo’s smarts don’t stop with the on board robot; the car’s overall design is ingenious as well. It has large doors for easy to the cabin and large windscreens and windows for high visibility. And in case there are any lingering blind spots, cameras mounted all around the body bring you complete 360 degree vision.

But wait! There’s more! Pivo does not just see in every direction, it rotates in every direction! This feat will change driving as we know it. It has a 360 degree rotating cabin resting on its four-wheel chassis. This car also solves one of the biggest problems of the driver’s Parallel parking. Parallel parking will never be a problem again due to the mobility of this car. With its huge windows and multiple cameras, Pivo is all about visibility and transparency. A car that keeps you connected to the outside world.

Make your Car Last

As a car owner, you only want the best for your vehicle. Even before the car came in to your garage, you were already excited about how to take good care of it. Getting to know more tips and facts about car maintenance is very important. These good tips will make your car last. Here’s a simple rule, the more you take good care of your car, the better is its condition. Who wouldn’t want that to happen?

Here are some of the easiest tips on how you can do that:

Tip # 1: Wash your car. It is good to maintain the neatness of your car on the outside and even on the inside. We recommend that you do this on a weekly basis to remove the dirt. If you don’t have a time to do it yourself, well then, try to look for a good car wash and get your car clean.  Remember that a clean car, reflects a neat owner.

Tip # 2: Check your tire. Always do a random check on the tires of your car. Checking your tire for any damages will save you from having a flat tire while on the road. A good tire condition will always give you a safe road trip. No car owner wants to be stuck in the middle of the road to change their tires; this could really be a big hassle, in cases when you are in a hurry or in a long road trip with your friends or family.

Tip # 3: Check your engine. Remember, that your car’s engine is one of the important parts of the car. You can never drive a car without making sure the engine works well. A regular engine checkup will help you maintain the good condition of the car. Also, don’t forget to inspect the car’s engine oil. Be sure that your engine doesn’t have leaks, if you found out that your car’s engine have leaks, go to your trusted auto mechanic and let him fix it.

 Remember that it is always good to CHECK; don’t forget to have these tips on your checklist. 

Watch this video for  more useful tips: Vehicle preventitive maintenance “It’s cheaper to keep her” make your car last forever

Tips on How to Negotiate with a Car Dealer

When you are planning to buy a used car and it’s your first time to deal with the seller, you have to know the tips on how to negotiate well before setting an appointment. It is more than important to build a good relationship with your car dealer, both of you should establish trust, so that you will end up having a good deal. So don’t get stressed, just deal and learn the art of negotiation.
In starting to deal with the seller, you have to be ready with your research.  Try to know more about the model and brand of the car you are buying, including its market price. Don’t forget that your goal here is to be able to negotiate a car price that is fair to you and the car dealer. Always put in mind that a hand shake deal is not enough, be sure to put your deal on paper. Everything that you and the dealer have agreed with should have a written proof.

As an auto buyer, you have to be familiar with the contract, be sure that the terms and figures are properly stated. All that is promised to you by the dealer should be in writing. Everything is spelled out in the contract and there should be no blank spaces in your contract.

Now, when it comes to the offer, you have to ask for the lowest price. In doing so, you also have to be realistic and come up with a respectable price. Don’t forget that every part of the dealership process is negotiable including the car financing and the car accessories. When you are about to meet the dealer, just don’t forget about these tips, apply them.


Guide in Buying a Surplus Car

Have you bought a surplus car before and eventually encountered problems? Maybe you’ve had one in the past yet it gave you an endless grief or maybe you are about to buy your first car and you would want to know the most important things to consider before getting one. Well then, you have to know some secrets that would guide an auto buyer like you in choosing the right car.

An auto buyer could save money if he or she knows how to inspect a new car before deciding to buy it. Learning the key tips on how an inspection process would go about is one of the things to consider.

First, the buyer must check the exterior body work of the car. Be sure to look for hidden scratches and you can always detect if a car was involve in a previous accident by checking the car’s exterior. Second, the car’s interior should also be checked to verify if it is in a good condition. There might be instances that the odometer reading could be tampered. The reason why the interior is systematically checked is also to find out if it has signs of high mileage, in this manner, a buyer would know how the previous owner took care of the car. It is indeed a must for the new buyer to know the general condition of the car.

Lastly, be sure to check the car’s engine. A buyer must be sure that the car has no major mechanic issues. If you can detect a noisy engine, you really have to think twice. Remember, that when buying a used car, you always have to be keen in every detail of the inspection process for you to be able to drive the right car.

What Makes a Good Car Dealer?

Are you planning to sell your car or just helping a friend sell his? This is the right time that you learn the tips on how to become a good car dealer. Remember that you are selling a surplus car and you are to really give the best deal to your possible buyers. It is important to note, that in selling a used car, trust is an important word. You have to convince your buyer to trust you regarding the deal that you are about to make. Follow these simple tips to experience a good deal.

 Tip # 1: Always be open and honest to your potential buyer. Lying or hiding something from them will not do you any good. So better yet disclose everything that they have to know about the car and its condition.

Tip # 2: Be Optimistic! Every interested buyer means that you are a step ahead to closing that deal. Be willing to entertain your potential buyer, you will never know who the lucky buyer is without trying. Be ready to say “Can I Help You?”

Tip # 3: Be a nice and friendly dealer. This will build the trust between you and your potential buyer. Never argue with your potential buyer. Keep your cool at all times.

Tip # 4:  Be Knowledgeable! It pays to know what you are selling rather than stutter in front of your potential buyer.

The best way to convince your buyer is to make them feel that you are really serious and you know what you are talking about. By then, they will be able to close the deal with you without any hesitations.

Ways to Maintain Your Vehicle

Finally! You found the car you really wanted and decided to buy it, but this does not mean that you have to stop checking and maintaining its condition. A car owner should always learn the basics when it comes to maintaining their vehicle.  It could save you from the future expensive repairs.  Here are some of the basic car tips you might want to consider when trying to maintain a good condition of your vehicle.

First, try to think about how much gasoline you are wasting if your tires are not properly inflated. You have to constantly check the tires using a tire pressure gauge; this tool should always come in handy.

As a car owner you should be knowledgeable of what is in your car, always be familiar with the car’s front hood. It is important that you can figure where your battery is, the power steering fluid, the transmission fluid, and where the brake fluid is located. Also inside your hood is an area where you can distinguish if you already ran out of engine oil, know when and where to refill your engine oil. Remember, everything you need to know about your car’s condition is inside the hood. So go ahead and familiarize it.

Now, do you have a safety kit inside your car? A safety kit should consist of the tools needed in repairing minor problems of your vehicle.  You might want to be your own auto mechanic when you are in the middle of the road, so go save up for your car tools and create your own tool box.

The Most Expensive Car In The World

If you think Germans have the bragging rights for making the most expensive cars in the world, you probably have to think twice. The age of supercars has finally arrived where speeds from zero to 60 mph (miles per hour) are reached at an average of 2.5 – 5 seconds! Normally, the price of a car would be dependent on its performance, its looks, and of course, its speed. A car’s price is somehow directly proportional to its speed. Think of it this way — How fast these cars disappear from your sight is how fast your money disappears from your wallet.  German manufactured cars have always impressed us with their innovative design to their top performance. The Bugatti Veyron is probably a crowd favourite with a price of about $2.5 million, but it doesn’t come close to the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster with a whopping $4.5 million value.

Now, did I say in the beginning that Germans don’t have the bragging rights? Before you burst out in rage, let me explain. Have we heard of the term “Vintage”? If you love cars, then you probably have heard that word. Vintage car’s price increase as time passes by, and the reason behind this is that it is probably never going to be manufactured again considering the parts and pieces of that car are unique. Step aside Germany, because the Italians took the spot for having the most expensive car – The Ferrari 250 GTO. A Red Ferrari 250 GTO owned by the Torrota Collection had a price of $52 million last 2013, imagine how much it would cost for the years to come?

Know How Safe Your New Car Is

In a car industry, where most of the brand of cars are sold to new owners, and the demand for surplus cars is rising, you might think of what car brands standout the most, but then again, it’s not just all about how famous the brand is, one of the things to consider before you drive that new car, is to ensure that it is safe to use.

As a buyer of a surplus car, you should be mindful of the condition of the car you are buying. There is a need for you to do a safety car check-up before deciding to drive the car home.

First things first, check if the car has an anti-lock brake system, during a very rough stop, the anti-lock brake system will prevent your car wheels from locking up. Better have this on your car because you’ll never know when a panic stop could occur.

Second, go and check if the car has an airbag system. Having the airbags in your car will not just protect your head but can also save your life.

Next, you all know about the “fasten your seat belt” rule before driving. You have to be sure that the cars you are buying have the safety seat belt feature. According to the experts, a car’s seatbelt can provide the passenger the utmost protection.

Another safety feature that is a must have for your car are the head restraints or commonly known as the headrest. This safety feature has the ability to mitigate serious car injuries. So better yet invest in all the safety features to ensure you and your passenger’s safety and always remember to drive your car safely.

You and Your Car Color

used carsNothing screams personality louder than the color of you’re clothes, your nails, your hair, your bags, or even your shoes. The color of your car is no different. Personality is best expressed in things that people will see and colors – mixed, matched, muted, or whatnot – believe it or not, is one of the best ways to strike an impression.

So what does the color of your car say about you?

Color preferences in cars vary greatly from one person to another and several factors play a role. Someone outgoing may go for something flashy but things like jobs, family, and availability of colors play a role too. A person who is bent on getting a black car may opt to settle with gunmetal gray if the former is not available. Likewise, someone who goes on frequent long journeys to the province may go for a darker-colored car as opposed to a light-colored one because the possibility of passing through potholes and muddy terrains is inevitable and the maintenance of keeping a light-colored car clean is considerably significant.

A Bankrate article, in talking about what the color of a car says about its owner, says that white vehicles present a fresh, young, modern face to the outside world and that’s why some contemporary brands, such as Apple, go for such color. Sophisticated black is most associated with luxury while gleaming silver screams of innovation and class. Nondescript gray projects maturity and tradition while blue exudes stability. Red, as expected, is the head turner of the group, and more often than not, attracts the look-at-me type of people who oozes power and masculinity, confidence and fun.

As like every rule, there’s always an exception and there being no end to human quirkiness, a car’s color is no different. A car’s color may say something about it’s owner for one reason or another but when it comes right down to it, nothing beats knowing a person for who he truly is and not for the kind of car that he has or the color of the car that he drives. To each his own and that couldn’t be any truer than in choosing the color of one’s car.

Reference: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/auto/what-car-color-says-about-you-1.aspx#ixzz3DdRBDbIE

Cars for Newbie Drivers

Practicality has always been the name of the game and choosing a car for a newbie driver is no different. Although people have this tendency to think that only brand new cars are ideal, such is not always the case. When you’re a beginner driver, what you must have foremost in mind is safety, not just for yourself but also for the pedestrians who will unavoidably be sharing the road with you.

used cars cebu

However, the kind of car that you will be driving in your first foray into being a responsible driver must also be given careful thought. A brand new car may seem ideal but aside from the fact that you must have the budget in order to afford a new one, it really doesn’t have that much of an edge against a used or surplus car in excellent condition.


Used or surplus cars from reputable dealers are not only as good as new ones but for a fraction of the price of a brand new vehicle, it is very practical as well. Getting to places with the least worries is your main concern and a good second-hand or surplus car can do that and more. Given that it’s not as pricey as a new one, you can banish your worries about minor scrapes and scratches as these things are admittedly not as overwhelming as when denting your brand new car all because you are still “learning”.


In hindsight, a used or surplus car has the advantage of not being as expensive as it’s brand new counterparts which means less worries about all other factors other than driving safely and responsibly. But like all pre-loved items up for grabs and as a potential buyer of a used or surplus vehicle, you must also do your research, ask the right questions, and be prepared for potential repairs and maintenance costs. Practicality is the name of the game but like everything else, it has its pros and cons.

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